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Guide to the Claude And Catherine Simpson Papers ; Simpson (Claude And Catherine) Papers


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Guide to the Claude And Catherine Simpson Papers 1932-1981

Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Overview of the Collection

Title: Papers
Creator: Claude And Catherine Simpson
Dates: 1932-1981
Quantity: 3 l.f.
Abstract: Correspondence, taped interviews, and photographs used for the Simpson's book on Priest Lake, Idaho history, North Of The Narrows
Identification: MG115
Language: English
Repository: University of Idaho Library Special Collections and Archives
Moscow, ID 83844-2351

Arrangement and Description

Maintaining a regard for provenance, the basic research materials were left in their original order, i.e., the material in Series I is in alphabetical order, the printer's copy of the manuscript in Series II is in publication order. The remaining material in Series II has been arranged according to the type of material, e.g., correspondence, notes, clippings, reviews.The first 113 photographs were numbered in accordance with the "figure" numbers in the book, therefore if no picture is available for a particular illustration the number has not been used. The remaining photographs were arranged by subject and numbered consecutively from 114 to 317. There are some prints and negatives which were not identified or did not relate to the Priest Lake area; these were left uncataloged and were placed at the end of the numbered photographs.

Scope and Content

The research material of Claude and Catherine Simpson for their book about Priest Lake entitled North of the Narrows is contained in three archival file boxes which occupy approximately three linear feet of shelf space. They were donated to the University of Idaho Library by the Simpsons in October 1982.

The items in the collection include research notes, newspaper clippings, correspondence, several drafts of the manuscript and many photographs. Also included are 14 cassette tapes of interviews with six families closely associated with Priest Lake and 25 cassette recordings which were made in connection with Mr. Simpson's current project, a book to be entitled "Panhandle Personalities," which he hopes to complete in 1983. The photographs in the collection include many of the illustrations in North of the Narrows as well as related photographs which were not used.

The final series contains 15 notebook diaries (1943-1962) and five photograph albums which belonged to Warren P. Upham, a Forest Service timber cruiser in the Priest Lake region.

The contents of this archival group are related in more detail in the following Description of Series.


This collection is indexed under the following headings in the online catalog. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.


Simpson, Catherine--Archives
Simpson, Claude, 1906- --Archives.

Priest Lake Region (Idaho) -- History -- Sources

Frontier and pioneer life -- Idaho -- Priest Lake Region

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I. Research Notes and Early Drafts
This series consists of 43 folders arranged in alphabetical order. The folders contain research notes, newspaper clippings, transcripts of interviews, and correspondence. Listed below are the folder headings with a brief description of the contents of each. The file cards for this series contain a more detailed list of the contents of each folder.
Allen, Harriet: Two letters about W.W. Slee
Allen-A-Dale: Typed copies of two letters from Myrtle Allen to friends, both written in 1962, and two drafts of the chapter on Allen-A-Dale
Angstadt, Aunt Belle: Manuscript notes, photocopies of several articles on Belle's murder of Jack Burnette, and two drafts of the Belle Angstadt chapter
Band Story: Brief history of the Priest River Band, typescript of a chapter of the book, later deleted, and a note dealing with Nell Shipman's relationship with the band
Beardmore, Charles W. Notes on the fire screen belonging to Vivienne Beardmore McAlexander (see photo #213a,b) several newspaper articles on the Beardmore family, and two drafts of the Beardmore chapter
Bears: Notes, newspaper clippings and drafts of the Bear Stories chapter
Beaver Creek Camp Association: Correspondence, newspaper articles, notes on the history of BCCA and drafts of the chapter
Beaver Creek Ranger Station: Notes on Warren Upham, draft of a letter to Mrs. Upham, and drafts of the BCRS chapter
Boats: Newspaper clippings, miscellaneous holograph notes, and two drafts of the chapter dealing with boats on Priest Lake
Branyan, Harold: Correspondence and information about him
Chase, Pete: Miscellaneous notes from various sources and two drafts of the chapter
Cougar Gus: Miscellaneous notes and the holograph draft of the chapter
Diener, Hank: Transcript of an interview with Diener about forest fires
Dogs and Donkeys: Miscellaneous notes from various sources
Duffill Family: Correspondence from family members, notes of an interview with George and Mary Duffill, and two drafts of the chapter
Elkins, Ike, Sue, and Jan: notes of a 1977 interview with the Elkins and two drafts of the chapter
Fish: newspaper clippings, correspondence from Karl C. Paulson of the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game, and two drafts of the chapter
Forest Lodge: Transcript of an Interview with Madlyn Byars Gillis and two drafts of the Forest Lodge chapter
Geisinger Story: Transcript of an interview with Fern Geisinger, correspondence with her (which includes her recipe for Hawaiian Belle Pie which was mentioned in the book) and two drafts of the chapter
Hagman, Art: Letter from family members and two drafts of the chapter on the Resort
Hungate Family: Notes on the family, letters from family members, information on the forest fires of 1926, and two drafts of the chapter
Hurst, Rose: Newspaper clippings correspondence from Laura Hurst, transcript of a 1972 interview with Rose Hurst and two drafts of the chapter
Introduction and Preface: Notes on the history of the Priest Lake area, articles on Priest River and the Kaniksu National Forest, article on the geology of the Priest Lake area, and several drafts of both the introduction and the preface
Jacky, Martha Ahrens: Letters, notes on the family, and two drafts of the chapter
Klockmann, A.K.: newspaper article entitled "'The A.K. Klockmann Diary" and notes on Klockmann's grizzly bear story
Libby, John: Letter from Dean Stevens
Markham, Capt.: Several letters from Elsie Markham Calvert, notes on the Markham family, and two drafts of the chapter
Martin, Ada Mae: Transcript of a 1977 interview and two drafts of the chapter
Mines: Miscellaneous notes from various sources and two drafts of the chapter
Moulton, Dad: Copy of Claude Simpson's article on Dad Moulton published in Incredible Idaho, Winter 1977-78, Miscellaneous notes, and three drafts of the chapter
Nordman/Hagar: Miscellaneous notes and a newspaper article
Overmyer, Dorothy Winslow: Correspondence, transcript of a 1978 interview, and two drafts of the chapter
Shipman, Nell - Articles: Nina Shipman's book How to Become an Actor in Television Commercials, articles on Lloyd T. Peters (Nell's cameraman), an article on Barry Shipman (her son), copy of an article on Nell submitted to Incredible Idaho, nine newspaper and magazine articles on Nell Shipman
Shipman, Nell - Correspondence: Letters to or from R. Hungate, R.P. Peterson, Lloyd Peters, Samuel K. Rubin, Tom Fulbright, William T. Leonard, Rene & Jack (no last name given), and Barry Shipman
Shipman, Nell - Dedication: Notes on Nell, Barry, and Nina Shipman, agenda and schedule for the dedication ceremonies, correspondence, and copies of several speeches and tributes
Shipman, Nell - Notes: Notes taken from the Priest River Times, Nell's biography and other sources, and two drafts of "The Shipman Saga"
Six Shooter Jack: Miscellaneous research notes, holograph draft of an article "The Kerr Sisters & Six Shooter Jack", and two drafts of the chapter
Smith, Perl (Resort): Two drafts of the chapter
Stevens, Kathy: Miscellaneous notes, obituary notice, letter from John W. Libby, and two drafts of the chapter
Sylvia Gumaer Burwell: Aerial view of Trapper Creek Subdivision, transcripts of two interviews correspondence from Sylvia and Don Gumaer, six letters to Joe Gumaer from Jack Ruhle, and two drafts of the chapter 1932-1933
Upper Priest Land Deal: Map showing the area involved, two 1965 congressional reports and a copy of Public Law 89-34 to extend the boundaries of the Kaniksu National Forest, and records of land transfers
Wheatley, Idaho: Photocopy of the 1908 homestead certificate of Cecil H, Wheatley, two letters from Bob Wheatley, copy of Cecil Wheatley's death certificate, correspondence from the Wheatley family, newspaper article on C.H. Wheatley, and two drafts of the chapter on Wheatley, Idaho
White, Bob: Copy of a portion of a 1977 interview
Series II. Final Draft and Other Publication Material
The first part of this series consists of a photocopy of the final typescript which includes corrections and notes for placement of the illustrations, and a copy of both the first and second printings of the book. Correspondence with the University Press of Idaho and other miscellaneous correspondence, several newspaper clippings, notes, and autographs and reviews comprise the second part.
Printer's Copy of the Manuscript (each chapter is in a separate folder)
Preface. 4 p.
Introduction. 4 p.
Forest Lodge. 13 p.
Boats. 6 p.
Capt. Markham - Master Boat Builder and Pilot. 4 p.
Allen-A-Dale. 4 p.
Rose Hurst - In the Shadow of Chimney Rock. 24 p. Mines. 7 p.
Charles W. Beardmore. 2 p.
The Priest River Band's Big blow. 5 p. (Deleted before publication) Aunt Belle Angstadt. 7 p.
Tall Bear Tales. 10 p.
The Duffill Duo and Daddy. 14 p.
Pete Chase. 7 p.
The Geisinger Story - An Incredible Epic. 26 p.
Beaver Creek Ranger Station. 20 p.
Huntate Relates Firefighting Experiences During Huge Fire of 1926. 5 p.
Fish, Folly, Facts, and Man's Foolishness. 7 p.
The Elkins. 15 p.
Dorothy Winslow Overmyer. 7 p.
The Shipman Saga. 30 p.
Sylvia. 15 p.
Wheatley, Idaho - The Town That Almost Was. 6 p.
Edward "Dad" Moulton - Man-About-Priest-Lake- 4 p.
Six Shooter Jack. 3 p.
Matchless Ada Mae Martin. 9 p.
Martha Ahrens Jacky. 2 p.
The Hungates. 7 p.
Kathleen Stevens. 7 p.
Cougar Gus. 5 p.
Pioneer Arthur Hagman. 3 p.
Hagman's Resort. 2 p.
Perl Smith Resort. 1 p.
Beaver Creek Camp Association, Inc. 20 p.
North of the Narrows; Men and Women of the Upper Priest Lake Country, Idaho. - by Claude and Catherine Simpson. (Moscow, University Press of Idaho) 1981 305 p.
The book was first printed in May, a corrected version appeared in August.
Correspondence - University Press of Idaho
Lists for picture placement
Typescript of the Index
Set-up for "About the Authors"
Style guidelines used by the University Press
List of Revisions for the second printing
Correspondence with Earl Larrison and others 1979-1981
Correspondence - Miscellaneous
Correspondence - University Press of Idaho
These letters deal with the possible publication of the book, the publication of articles on Priest Lake, and Forest Service work on the Thorofare. A list of correspondents and dates of letters follows.
Association for the Humanities in Idaho 1979
Bonner County Historical Society, Inc. 1977, 1980
Caxton Printers 1978, 1980
Church, Senator Frank 1973
High Country (Editor) undated
Idaho Yesterdays (Editor) undated
Incredible Idaho (Editor) 1978
Idaho. Bureau of Mines 1978
Idaho. State Historical Society 1978, 1979
Idaho. State Library 1978
Moratto, Michael J. (US Forest Service) 1979
North Idaho College, Library 1978
US Library of Congress. Copyright Office 1980
University of Idaho, Library 1978, 1981
Ye Galleon Press 1978
FI TO SE Miscellaneous Clippings: There are nine clippings which deal with upper Priest Lake and Kaniksu State Park
Miscellaneous Notes: Notes dealing with Priest Lake personalities or incidents; Lists of people interviewed for "Panhandle Personalities;" Beaver Creek Camp Association membership list, August 1977; Typescript copy of a history of Colton, Washington written by Clarence Gowell in 1888, and printed in Colton News March 2 & 9, 1933
North of the Narrows - Autographs: Several newspaper articles dealing with autograph parties; Lists of people to whom the book was sent and also some of the inscriptions
North of the Narrows - Reviews & Criticisms: Notes of a critics' meeting, 1979; Notes of critics' comments, August 1979; Letter asking Harry Nelson to review the book and a copy of his review; Review published in Golden Days Reporter, July-August 1981
Series III. Photographs and Tape Recordings
The photographs in this collection consist of original prints, copies of originals, and negatives; there are also a few slides. Some prints are black and white, others are colored. The file cards prepared as an index to the photographs give a detailed description of the physical nature of the items.
The first two folders contain some of the pictures used as illustrations in North of the Narrows--these are numbered to agree with the figure numbers in the book, which accounts for the missing numbers in the following list. The remaining photographs were arranged by subject, e.g., people, animals, Shipman Point Dedication, etc., and numbered consecutively from 114 to 317. There are some pictures in the collection which have no apparent relationship to the book or the Priest Lake area, these have not been cataloged.
The cassette tapes are in two groups, the first are the interviews for North of the Narrows, the second those for Claude Simpson's projected book "Panhandle Personalities." In addition to the interviews there are also six tapes of old Edison records.
A Numerical List of Photographs
1 Aerial view of the U.S.-Canadian Boarder 17 miles north of Priest Lake
3 Samuel Tilden Byars
4 Grace Byars
5 Madlyn Byars
6 Forest Lodge 1935
7 Group sitting on the steps of Forest Lodge 1915
8 Forest Lodge 1921
9 Steamboat W.W. Slee leaving Canoe Point 1915
15 True Watson and son standing by the launch Swastika
16 Ruins of steamboat Tyee II in Mosquito bay 1977
21 Front view of Andy Coolin's mine cabin 1978
22 Rear view of Andy Coolin's mine cabin 1978
23 Nickleplate Mine location, Nordman, Idaho 1977
25 Beardmore horse-drawn stage 1912
26 Beardmore auto-stage advertisement
27 Al Piper 1960
28 Mary Duffill on top of the Lone Star Ranch Rock 1924
29 Catherine Yates on Lone Star Ranch Rock 1978
30 Mary Duffill and Aunt Belle Angstadt 1924
32 Catherine Yates in front of main cabin at Gregory Farm 1978
33 Standpipe for Lone Star Ranch 1978
34 George Duffill 1920
35 William "Daddy" Duffill
36 Mary Duffill with her foot on the launch '"Papoose"
37 Mary Duffill driving a dog team 1923
38 Bill Donaldson driving piling for his houseboat
39 Mary Duffill Donaldson standing in snow 1933
40 Daddy Duffill's wood pile 1921
41 Madlyn Byars and Mary Duffill as Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer 1923
42 Mary Duffill and Madlyn Byars as "'The Gladiators" 1921
43 Pete Chase and Frank Algren
46 Pete Chase loading ore on his dock
47 Elmer Stone setting a trap on Chase Lake
60 Mules waiting to be loaded
61 Mules loaded with equipment for an air strip runway 1939
62 Group in doorway of original cabin on Lookout Mountain 1977
65 New Lookout Mountain cabin built in 1966-1967 1977
66 Julie Turnbull standing by a Jeep 1977
69 Green Bonnet Lookout
71 Wash house and boiler room at Old beaver Creek Ranger Station 1970s
74 Beaver Creek Ranger Station, Ranger's cabin 1930
76 Couple looking at the day's catch of cutthroat trout 1933
77 Day's catch of cutthroats caught on a dry fly 1950
79 Two men holding a string of fish 1920's
80 Aerial view of the mouth of the Thorofare 1978
81 Drift Inn, Priest Lake, Idaho 1978
82 Nell Shipman and Dot Overmyer by a tent in the snow 1923
83 Nell Shipman and others on a sled 1923
84 Nell Shipman and others standing outside of a log cabin 1923
85 Nell Shipman, Dot Overmyer and Ralph (the leading man) 1923
86 Nell Shipman and others on location near Lion Creek 1923
87 Cabins at Lionhead Lodge 1923
90 Remains of Lionhead Movie Camp privy 1966
92 Invitation to the dedication of Shipman Point 1977
97 Bell Shipman 1920's
107 Edward "Dad" Moulton
108 Edward "Dad" Moulton and his dog 1905
110 Bill Jacky and Clark Miller's amphibian device with player piano on board 1977
111 Elmer Berg's cabin 1978
113 Ora Ludeman, "Old Man Chief", Elmer Berg, and Stanley Spurgeon 1930
114 Mountain goats at a salt lick
115 Mountain goats
116 Mountain goat on porch of a lookout
117 Mountain goat in doorway of the first cabin on Lookout Mountain 1930
118 Pack horses in Beaver Creek Corral
119 B. Markham packing a mule 1921
120 Stanley Spurgeon with pack mules 1932
121 Pack string crossing mouth of Upper Priest River 1932
122 Mules on a barge 1932
123 Pack string in front of Beaver Creek Ranger Station 1932
124 Pack string being fed at a stable
125 Mary Duffill with pack mules 1932
126 Horses pulling a load of logs
127 Pack animals
128 Horses and riders
129 Pet llama
130 Bear cubs in a tree
131 Fawn in the grass
132 Deer foraging in the snow, Priest Lake area 1938
133 Dog team hauling freight
134 Mary Duffill with one of Nell Shipman's dog teams 1923
135 Man sitting in a rowboat
136 Sam and Madlyn Byars in a canoe
137 The Byars' fleet across the Thorofare from Forest Lodge 1923
138 Sam Byars' motor launch "Papoose" 1920's
139 Byars' fleet towing Shaffer's camp up the Thorofare
140 Two rowboats on Priest Lake
141 Ivan Painter in a Can't Sink-um boat
142 Girl sitting in a motor boat
143 Al Piper's cabin on the Thorofare 1966
144 Prater Ranch
145 Nordman, Idaho 1921
146 Harmony House, Cedar Creek Landing Bayview, ID
147 Forest Lodge
148 Homestead House, Reeder Creek Road 1978
149 Nordman School 1916
150 Front view of Andy Coolin's mine cabin 1978
151 Snow covered trapper's cabin 1935
152 Original Nordman post office
153 Seven photograph of the remains of the buildings on the Gregory Farm, Bear Creek, Priest Lake Id 1978
154 Remains of a hay mower and buzz saw frame, Gregory Farm
155-160 Views of the Beaver Creek Ranger Station
161 Beaver Creek Ranger Station sign hanging from a post
162 View of unidentified barnyard
163 Lone Star Ranch Rook 1978
164 Belle Angstadt's tombstone, Priest River Cemetery 1978
165 Boulder Lookout 1925
166 Blacktail Mountain Lookout 1932
167 Coolin Ranger Station 1934
168 Hughes Ridge Lookout
169 Green Bonnet Lookout 1935
170 Catherine Simpson in doorway of original cabin on Lookout Mountain 1977
171 Lookout Mountain's new lookout 1977
172 Forest Service lookout
173 Forest Service lookout
174 Sundance Mountain fire viewed: from Elkins' Resort 1967
175 Two couples with a string of fish
176 Couple admiring large catch of fish 1933
177 Couple with beaver pelts, a fox, and string of fish 1935
178 Dogs guarding bodies of two cougars 1934
179 Mary Duffill with her "winter's meat" 1933
180 Two men with rifles on a houseboat
181 William "Daddy" Duffill
182 Duffill family
183 Daddy Duffill with daughter-in-law Beulah and her two children
184 Madlyn Byars outside of Forest Lodge
185 Mary Duffill and Madlyn Byars on steps of Forest Lodge 1928
186 Group on steps of Forest Lodge 1915
187 Two couples of a wooden raft 1920's
188 Barry Shipman as a child wearing snowshoes 1923
189 Leonard Paul and Mary Duffill in front of his store in Coolin 1922
190 Ike Daugherty
191 Lavina Geisinger with her pet fox Jinny 1925
192 Lavina and Al Geisinger
193 Fern and Earl Geisinger 1926
194 Mary Duffill and friend on horseback 1932
195 Elmer Berg's tombstone 1978
196 Catherine and Charlotte Diener in bathing suits 1933
197 Mildred and Henry Diener 1933
198 Group sitting on log pile at Beaver Creek Ranger Station 1933
199 Several men on dock having just returned from a successful hunting trip
200 Four fire fighters from Beaver Creek Ranger Station 1930's
201 Stanley Spurgeon in front of Elmer Berg's cabin
202 George Yacorzynski 1929
203 Coyle Bowman, Pete Chase, Frank Brown "Snider", Fern and Earl Gieisinger
204 Rose and Harry Myer 1977
205 Sylvia Gumaer Burwell 1978
206 Hallie Griswold
207 Group, including the Simpsons, on Lookout Mountain 1978
208 Bob White and Claude Simpson 1977
209 Jesse and Dorothy Underwood
210 Man standing on a porch
211 Two men by a log building
212 Two unidentified men
213 Fireplace screen depicting Bonner County animals on one side and Kalispell Indians on the other 1977
214 Three black and white views of a diorama of Priest Lake animals in Leonard Paul's store Coolin, Idaho 1977
215 Nine color photographs of the above diorama 1978
216 View looking east from the mouth of Bear Creek 1978
217 Mouth of Bear Creek 1978
218 Original dam at Outlet, Priest Lake 1978
219 Swamp land at Bear Creek 1978
220 Bear Creek 1978
221 Remains of a dock north of Bear Creek 1978
222 Footbridge over Lion Creek
223 View of Priest Lake from top of Lookout Mountain
224 Winter scene, taken on north side of Lookout Mountain 1933
225 Mary Duffill standing under snow-covered trees on Lookout Mountain 1933
226 Snow-covered trees near top of Lookout Mountain 1933
227 Shipman Point, Priest Lake 1977
228 Shipman Point snowing the remains of Tyee II 1977
229 Lion Creek 1977
230 Cabins on Priest Lake
231 Priest Lake
232 Rock pile and logs to build Blacktail Mountain lookout 1929
233 Camping on the shore of Priest Lake
234-238 Priest Lake as seen from Coolin December 1953
239 Coolin, Idaho, taken from in front of Leonard Paul's store December 1953
240 Leonard Paul's store 1953
241 Houses in Coolin with snow piled on the roofs 1953
242 Jimmy Hodge shoveling snow 1953
243 Clare and Harold Branyan standing in the snow 1953
244 Leonard Paul's house in Coolin 1953
245 Handy's hotel, Coolin, Idaho 1953
246 Jane Branyan 1953
247 Clare Branyan 1953
248 Snow plow removing snow from main street in Priest River 1953
249 Priest River as seen from a window in the Lorraine Hotel 1953
250 Main street of Priest River 1953
251 Priest River seen from the Lorraine Hotel 1953
252 Harold and Clare Branyan in the lobby of the Lorraine Hotel 1953
253 Car damaged by tornado August 6, 1976
254 Aerial view of Navigation Ranger Camp Ground the day after the tornado August 7, 1976
255 Chimney rook 1978
256 Aerial view of Priest Lake from the East
257-258 Aerial view of mountains above Priest Lake
259 Aerial view of the mouth of Priest River
260-261 Aerial view of Priest Lake
262-263 Drift fence at the Thorofare 1966
264-270 Two photographs of Nell Shipman, the others are views of Lionhead movie camp 1923
271 Shipman Points, Priest Lake, Idaho 1978
272 Site of cameraman's house, Lionhead Movie Camp 1966
273-301 Pictures taken at the dedication of Shipman Point August 31, 1977
302 Martha Jacky with her daughter and two granddaughters in front of her cabin 1977
303 Jacky and Bennett cabins, Canoe Point 1977
304 Amphibian device used by Bill Jacky and Clark Miller to move furniture from Tulie Bay 1977
305 Ice house on the Kerr homestead 1977
306 a-d Evinrude Motor B-18265 1978
306 e-f Evinrude Motor (Pat. 1911) 1978
307 Five views of Caille 5 HP - 5 speed motor 1978
308 Ice saw and tongs 1978
309-310 Two signs for Seneacquoteen Cemetery 1978
311 Capt. Melvin C. Markham's tombstone in Seneacquoteen Cemetery 1978
312 Pile driver that built the first drift fence at the mouth of the Thorofare
313 Dad Duffill's bear trap
314 Stone cover to Beaver Creek Ranger Station hydraulic ram 1977
315 Trillium growing at Beaver Creek Camp 1978
316 Two pairs of White boots 1977
317 Tree hewed out of a tree stump by Harry Marshall, Jr.
Interviews for North of the Narrows
Diener, Henry undated 2 tapes
Duffill George and Mary undated 3 tapes
Elkins, Sue, Ike, and Jan undated 1 tape
Geisinger, Fern undated 3 tapes
Gillis Madlyn Byars June 16, 1978 2 tapes
Hurst, Rose 1972 3 tapes
Interviews for "Panhandle Personalities"
Allen, Harriet undated 1 tape
Croy, Paul April 22. 1981 2 tapes
Fiedler, Earl and Inez February 11, 1981 1 tape
Grindle, Frank February 1, 1981 1 tape
Grindle, Roxy undated 2 tapes
Griswold, Hallie May 6, 1980 1 tape
Hartman, Herrick March 3, 1981 1 tape
Hawley Joe December 13, 1980 1 tape
Jones, Agnes and Carl March 3, 1981 1 tape
Joyce, Fuller undated 2 tapes
Kileen, Pat and Elizabeth undated 1 tape
Kileen, Pat undated 1 tape
Mann, Jesse November 24, 1981 1 tape
Randall, Marg December 20, 1980 1 tape
Sudnokovich, John "Snick" January 19, 1981 2 tapes
Whetsler, Bill and Marguerite February 6, 1981 4 tapes
White, Lee February 19, 1981 2 tapes
Series IV. Warren P. Upham Material
Warren P. "Uppy" Upham came to Priest Lake from Maine about 1932. He worked as a Forest Service timber cruiser from the summer of 1932 until some time in the 1950's when he retired to La Jolla, California. The diaries and photograph albums in this series were given to Claude Simpson by Mrs. Upham in 1980.
The 15 diaries span the years 1943-1962 and contain daily notes on his activities, cruising notes, and records of car repairs
There are five photograph albums containing approximately 723 snap shots. The earlier ones were taken on a trip from New England to the West Coast in 1926 and the later ones on a trip to Alaska in 1946. There are pictures of Priest Lake, a log drive on the Clearwater, some of Montana, the Jasper Highway in Canada, and the American Southwest. Some albums have poetic captions to the pictures, some no captions at all. .The file cards for this series give a general description of the contents of each album.

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