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Guide to the John F. Streiff Papers ; Streiff (John F.) Papers AKA John Fridolin Hermann., Papers, 1965-1977.


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Guide to the John F. Streiff Papers 1965-1977

Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Overview of the Collection

Title: Papers
Creator: John F. Streiff
Dates: 1965-1977
Quantity: 9 linear feet
Abstract:Correspondence, minutes, clippings and other printed material related to the Idaho Water Resources Board, Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission, and other water resources groups.
Identification: MG100
Language: English
Repository: University of Idaho Library Special Collections and Archives
Moscow, ID 83844-2351

Arrangement and Description

A regard for provenance, or original order, was the main factor affecting the organization of the papers of John Fridolin Streiff; therefore information on specific topics may be found in more than one place.The minutes of the Idaho Water Resource Board, with their various attachments, including correspondence and reports, are in chronological order, as are the minutes of the Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission.The other water resource related meetings which Streiff attended are arranged first alphabetically, each organization having its own folder. The material within these folders is then arranged chronologically.Correspondence addressed to Streiff or written by him is contained in three folders, and is arranged in chronological order. An index of correspondents has been prepared for this material.Each of the various water resource projects has a separate folder. The folders are arranged alphabetically by project; the material within each folder is chronological. In some cases where there is more than one folder, newspaper clippings, legal material and correspondence are kept separate.

Scope and Content

The nine boxes of material which were given to the University of Idaho Library consist exclusively of water resource material. When the Idaho Water Resource Board was created on July 16, 1965, John Fridolin Streiff was among the original eight members. His file of the minutes of this organization extends from August 2, 1965 to December 9, 1977. The folders include not only the official minutes of the meetings, but copies of correspondence and reports, copies of newspaper clippings, reprints of articles and occasionally minutes of related meetings.

On January 18, 197l Streiff was selected by the Idaho Water Resource Board to be Idaho's member of the Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission. His file of minutes begins with the December 2, 1970 meeting and ends with the minutes of the meeting held December 8, 1977. There are also minutes from several subcommittees of this organization.

In addition to these two major organizations, Streiff attended meetings of other water related organizations including the Water Resources Council, Inland Empire Waterways Association, Pacific Northwest Waterways Association, Columbia Basin Inter-Agency Committee and the Port of Lewiston. He was also a member of the Westwide Study Group.

There are folders dealing with the American Falls Dam, Bear River development, Blackfoot Reservoir, Boise Project, Lower Granite Dam, Lucky Peak, Malad Canyon, Middle Snake development, Swan Falls, the State Water Plan, Desert Entry hearings, Port Law and material on the Wild and Scenic Rivers legislation.

The final box contains miscellaneous publications which do not relate to a specific series.

The contents of each folder are described in the following Description of Series.


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Streiff, John Fridolin--Archives.

Idaho Water Resource Board
Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission

Water resources development -- Idaho -- History -- Sources

Manager, Idaho Water Resources Board, 1965-1977; Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission, 1971-1977

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I. Idaho Water Resources Board August 2, 1965 - December 9, 1977
When the Idaho Water Resource Board was created as a State agency in 1965 its eight members were George L. Crookham, Jr., Leonard E. Graham, Dr. Evan M. Kackley, Charles J. Marshall, Arlie L. Parkins, Edward Reichert, John Streiff, and George L. Yost. Charged with formulating and implementing a State Water Plan, constructing and operating water projects, appropriating public waters and acquiring real property for water projects, the minutes of the board reflect their methods of fulfilling that charge.
Included with the minutes are legislation, correspondence, reports, and budgets. A selected list of this material follows. The number in parentheses is a reference to the folder in which the material is found. The first twenty-four meetings of the board were numbered consecutively, therefore (15th) indicates the material will be found in the folder for the fifteenth meeting. Beginning in 1968 the meetings were numbered by indicating the number of the meeting within the calendar year, therefore(3-68) refers to the third meeting in 1968. The contents of several miscellaneous IWRB folders are listed following the list of material found with the minutes.
Series II. Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission December 2, 1970-December 8, 1977
The Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission is composed of representatives from the states of Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming and from ten federal departments. In addition to the official minutes of the meetings each folder contains minutes of subcommittees, copies of correspondence, reports, and speeches. Material concerning the PNRBC prior to December 1970 can be found in the following folders of the Idaho Water Research Board (Series I): 23d meeting, 5-69, 4-70, 6-70, and 8-70. In the following list the number in parentheses indicates the number of the meeting in which the material is found. There are several folders from the PNRBC program development committee and also several miscellaneous folders in this series, the contents of which are described following the list of material found with the minutes.
Series III. Other Organizations
John Streiff was also active in other water related organizations. The records for each individual organization are contained in separate folders, the contents of which are briefly described below.
Columbia Basin Inter-Agency Committee
Columbia North Pacific Region. Comprehensive Framework Study. Information brochure. 1965; Minutes of the 135th meeting, September 29, 1966.
Inland Empire Waterways Association
Correspondence, 1969-1971; The Log (newsletter) December 1970; By-laws
League of Women Voters. Snake River Basin Seminar
Western Water (newsletter) no-3, April 1971; Letters from Mrs. Eugene Smith, April 27, May 21, August 26, 1971; Letter from Judy Minshall, October 15, 1971; Copies of speeches of John Streiff, Norman H. Moore, Col. Richard M. Connell, Donel Lane, and Travis S. Roberts.
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Aquaduct News. January, March 1971; Itinerary of Colorado River Project Tour, February 23-27, 1971; Pamphlets on Colorado River, Parker Dam, California State Water project.
National Conference on Water 1977
Reports; Program
Pacific Northwest Waterways Association (formerly Inland Empire Waterways Assoc.)
Resolutions of 38th convention, 1971; and 39th convention, 1972; Programs and policies. 1973, 1975-1976, 1976-1977, 1978, 1979; Newsletter, 1972-1978 - miscellaneous issues; Correspondence; Minutes of the Board of Directors meetings; The Log. September 1972; Articles of incorporation and bylaws; Six maps showing PNWA projects.
Port of Lewiston
Newspaper article--Lewiston Morning Tribune, October 12, 1969; Port of Lewiston, Idaho (booklet) 1966; Master plan to 1985, Lewiston, Idaho. 1956; Lewiston-Clarkston urban transportation study (maps) 1965; Cornell, Howland, Hays, & Merryfield. North Lewiston site, proposed development, phase I; Proposed budget. July 1, 1971 - June 30, 1972, July 1, 1972 - June 30, 1973, July 1, 1973 - June 30, 1974, July 1, 1977 - June 30, 1978
Water Resources Council
Correspondence, 1975-1976; Summary of the meeting of all River Basin Commission Vice-Chairmen, Ft. Mitchell, Ky., January 13, 1976.
Westwide Study
Correspondence, 1971-1973; Advisory Committee meeting minutes, October 17-18, 1972; May 14, 1973; December 4, 1973; Critical water issues submitted by the states; Revised outline for 1974 Westwide report. September 17, 1973; Western U.S. Water Plan. 1977 report, form and content working document. October 1972; Western U.S. Water Plan. 1973 progress report. (See also IWRB folders 2-70, 5-71, 10-71)
Series IV. Legislative Material
In addition to the legislative material contained in other series, there is also a separate folder labeled "Legislative Material." This folder contains state and federal legislation, and some typescripts of proposed legislation, all dealing with water resources. The material spans the years 1968-1976. Only legislation introduced in either state or federal legislatures is listed below.
Series V. Newspaper Clippings & Reprints 1964-1976
Although most folders, especially those dealing with specific projects, contain newspaper clippings and reprints of articles, John Streiff also had a separate file of articles and clippings dealing with the more general water resource information. The numerous newspaper clippings span the years 1964-1976; the reprints of journal articles are listed below.
Series VI. Correspondence 1964-1976
Whereas the correspondence in the other series consists of copies of third party letters sent to Streiff for his information, the letters in these folders directly involve Streiff either as writer or recipient. Although the file cards indicate whether the letters are incoming or outgoing, that distinction is not made in the following list, only the year of the letter is given. Almost without exception, the letters deal with water resources matters.
Series VII. Projects
The information in the water resource projects listed below includes correspondence, legal material, newspaper clippings, and reprints of journal articles. In addition to the material in this series, there is also additional information in Series I, and occasionally Series II. The location of this material is indicated in parentheses after the list of contents.
American Falls Dam 1967-1973
Bear River Project 1967-1975
Blackfoot Reservoir 1972
Boise Project 1972-1973
Lower Granite 1969-1970
Lucky Peak - Twin Springs 1968
Malad Canyon 1974
Middle Snake Development 1967-1969
Publications 1967-1970
Legal Documents 1964
Legislative Material 1970
Swan Falls-Guffey 1971-1973
Reprints 1971-1972
Legal and legislative undated
Series VIII. Miscellaneous Folders
These folders also deal with the Idaho Water Resource Board Studies, but contain mainly legal or legislative material, with some correspondence. Locations of material in Series I which pertain to items in this series are listed in parentheses following the contents of each folder.
State Water Plan Hearings 1976
Desert Entry 1965-1971
Port Law 1968
Wild Rivers 1968-1972
Maps and Charts 1965-1974
Series IX. Miscellaneous Publications
The final series in this collection is a box of miscellaneous publications. Included are preliminary drafts of reports, journals, and. in-depth studies of water resources problems.

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